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The Worst Movies of 2015

Addison Wylie 2015 cranked out a lot of great movies.  I was actually able to form a “best of” list before even thinking of those cinematic duds.  However, that doesn’t excuse the following films.  These frustrating films put my patience to the test, even so far as to push me out of the movie altogether.  Don’t worry though, I returned to finish that defeating film.  And, yes, it was the worst film I saw all year.



By: Mark Barber Tracers is aimlessly plotted, driven only by a cynical, desperate need to financially exploit the parkour craze and Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s now-dwindling popularity. The film’s overall premise and execution recalls Lautner’s previous action outing, 2011’s Abduction.  Although Tracers takes itself slightly more seriously, both films have a proclivity for deception.  Similar to how Abduction featured no actual kidnappings, Tracers is barely about parkour; it gracelessly vacillates between a modern-day re-visioning of…