Time Travel


Mr. Peabody & Sherman

By: Addison Wylie While it may not be one of the more memorable animated features in recent memory, Mr. Peabody & Sherman gives audiences a respectful amount of inventiveness and good humour. Making a splash during classic Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, time travellers Mr. Peabody and Sherman would rapidly entertain within a short period of time.  I always remembered these segments for their agility and their knack to glide across history using blink-or-you’ll-miss-’em tactics. The…


About Time

By: Addison Wylie Everyone knows of Richard Curtis’ work one way or another – usually more so with a predominant female audience.  Those women have usually caught these films when they’ve wanted to watch a cute chick flick with friends or they’ve caught the films on television during a cozy night in.  Fellas, most of you have likely been dragged – er, have volunteered – to watch these romances with significant others. I may sound…


Men in Black III

By: Addison Wylie Barry Sonnenfeld’s third instalment to the popular and bizarre Men in Black series is a perfect way to cut the ribbon on the summer movie season. It also helps that this exciting slice of entertainment is a solid chapter for these characters. After a decade of fighting the intergalactic scum of the Earth, Agent J (played by Will Smith) and Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) reach a crossroad in their…