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Wylie Writes @ TIFF Kids 2014: A Day With the Industry

  By: Addison Wylie I’ve enjoyed covering the TIFF Kids International Film Festival in the past, but this year was especially cool. This marked the first year for any festival where I obtained an industry pass.  The TIFF Kids Industry pass entitled you to sit in on exclusive conversations, workshops, keynotes, and Q&A’s.  The team behind the festival made sure they delivered on guests who could provide truthful insight about the world of filmmaking and…

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Wylie Writes @ TIFF KIDS 2014: The House of Magic

By: Addison Wylie The House of Magic is an abundantly likeable film, and will certainly be a memorable pick at this year’s TIFF Kids.  On the surface, the bouncy flick has all the ingredients for a smiling good time at the theatre.  There’s an adorable cat, whimsical magic, and stunning animation paired with incredible use of 3D technology. It’s to be warned that Jérémie Degruson and Ben Stassen’s film isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the first…

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Wylie Writes @ TIFF KIDS 2014: The Numberlys

By: Addison Wylie William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg return to TIFF Kids.  This time, they’re not here to make me blubber like a baby (see: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore).  The filmmakers are here to make me laugh and impress me with wit. Based on an iTunes app also called The Numberlys, the short film features five employees who are fed up with creating the same boring numbers at their factory job.  One…

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Wylie Writes @ TIFF KIDS 2014: Knight Rusty

By: Addison Wylie Knight Rusty is a terribly hard movie to warm up to.  Mostly because it comes across as a padded-out episode of a television cartoon that would barely have enough steam to punch out at 22 minutes.  What’s worse is that Knight Rusty plays as one of the weaker adventures during one of the final seasons when the creators have started recycling ideas and effort. Right off the bat, moviegoers are thrown into…