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TIFF 2014: Into the Drink

By: Addison Wylie For a while, Atlantic. was the most relaxed I had felt at this year’s festival.  Incredibly shot sequences of Fettah windsurfing across the infinite drink eased me into a trance.  Its angelic score cradling the audience is the final nuance Atlantic. has that completely sends us into adoration with these moments of Jan-Willem van Ewijk’s tranquil tale. Alas, Atlantic. follows a bothersome and oddly common theme at this year’s TIFF.  Atlantic. eventually drifts…

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TIFF 2014: Short Cuts with Sorrow

By: Addison Wylie We return to the Short Cuts Canada programmes to take a look at a few films that aren’t afraid to get “real”. Well, “real” in surreal surroundings and under crazy circumstances. These three shorts may be tales out of a book (certainly in the case of The Underground), but the emotion conveyed is what makes these stories come alive. They hit and miss various points, but the risks these filmmakers take are nothing…

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TIFF 2014: Wet Noodle

By: Addison Wylie Wet Bum features a superb performance by TIFF Rising Star Julia Sarah Stone.  Her helpless presence draws us in, as if we feel the need to lend her a shoulder to cry on.  But, it’s her earnest portrayal of fourteen-year-old outsider Sam that signifies the puzzling phases of fitting in among your peers, and trying to swallow the lump in your throat when you’re singled out for being different. The film that…

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TIFF 2014: A Special Place

By: Addison Wylie At TIFF ’12, a cold film named Krivina made its mark on the circuit.  Directed by Igor Drljaca and produced by Albert Shin, Krivina was a film with a strong, silent lead.  It tested my patience with meandering stretches, but halfheartedly won me back with a shocking twist I didn’t see coming. Smashcut to present day and the roles have switched with In Her Place – Shin is now the writer/director and…

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TIFF 2014: Top-Notch Theeb

By: Addison Wylie Filmmaker Naji Abu Nowar marks a departure from short films with Theeb, a gripping slow burn that confidently risks it all to challenge itself with different genres.  The boldness often profits this tense flick. At first, it’s a character study ala Beasts of the Southern Wild, albeit told more conventionally.  While its composure helps the film with its accessibility towards the audience, it doesn’t contain any stimulating eruptions through its presentation.  However,…

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TIFF 2014: A Boring Exhibit

By: Addison Wylie Ok, everyone.  This way, please.  This tour is running behind, and we need to catch up. This next work we’ll be observing is Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery.  This work has been known to carelessly eat up time for those who endure it.  The entire canvas – for some reason – takes close to three hours to view.  And, even though we’re given too much time to comprehend this lacklustre endeavour, on-lookers will…