TIFF Next Wave



By: Addison Wylie Due to its time of release, Girlhood is unfairly titled; causing many to draw immediate comparisons to Richard Linklater’s Boyhood.  Girlhood is also a movie that is unfairly robbed of its natural moments by its filmmaker as they become more out of touch with their material.  This is Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen re-imagined by a student who is still learning how to grasp their own sense of subtlety and composure. Thirteen is a better movie…


TIFF Next Wave 2014: I Learn America

By: Addison Wylie Acting as this year’s Fame High at TIFF Next Wave, I Learn America is also about a select group of students who attend high school and face frequent obstacles.  In Fame High, those students were hampered when chasing a creative dream.  In I Learn America, these young immigrants try and understand the American dream. New York City’s Lafayette is the home of International High School.  The school opens its doors for nearly…