Suzanne Clement


Death of a Ladies’ Man

By: Trevor Chartrand In the delightfully surreal Death of a Ladies’ Man, director Matt Bissonette addresses some hard-hitting subjects in a mature (yet somehow silly) way.  This darkly funny film was heavily influenced and inspired by the work of Leonard Cohen, and the late artist’s presence in the film will not go unnoticed.  The film explores themes and ideas present in Cohen’s music, and features a soundtrack that includes plenty of Cohen songs.


The Child Remains

By: Trevor Chartrand Is it bad when the true-story version of a film sounds more entertaining than the fictionalized narrative we get instead?  That may be the case with The Child Remains, a film loosely inspired by the Butterbox Baby murders in WWII-Era Nova Scotia.


À La Vie

To onlookers enjoying a day on the beach, Rose, Lili, and Hélène appear to be close girlfriends.  Underneath their contentment is a turbulent past also experienced by other Jewish people who were fortunate to escape Auschwitz.


My Internship in Canada

By: Shahbaz Khayambashi After the saccharine dramatics of Monsieur Lazhar and The Good Lie, Philippe Falardeau has finally returned to his comedic roots – the place where his talent truly shines – with his hilarious new film, My Internship in Canada. In this satirical take on Canadian politics, a Member of Parliament named Steve Guibord (Patrick Huard), holding power over three small Quebecois towns, finds himself as the single deciding vote on whether or not…