Suzanne Clement


The Child Remains

By: Trevor Chartrand Is it bad when the true-story version of a film sounds more entertaining than the fictionalized narrative we get instead?  That may be the case with The Child Remains, a film loosely inspired by the Butterbox Baby murders in WWII-Era Nova Scotia.


À La Vie

To onlookers enjoying a day on the beach, Rose, Lili, and Hélène appear to be close girlfriends.  Underneath their contentment is a turbulent past also experienced by other Jewish people who were fortunate to escape Auschwitz.


My Internship in Canada

By: Shahbaz Khayambashi After the saccharine dramatics of Monsieur Lazhar and The Good Lie, Philippe Falardeau has finally returned to his comedic roots – the place where his talent truly shines – with his hilarious new film, My Internship in Canada. In this satirical take on Canadian politics, a Member of Parliament named Steve Guibord (Patrick Huard), holding power over three small Quebecois towns, finds himself as the single deciding vote on whether or not…