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Do You Believe?

By: Addison Wylie I believe the saying goes: everybody gets one.  Screenwriters Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon got theirs last year with the highly successful faith-based picture God’s Not Dead.  I was indifferent towards the film featuring an Atheist professor and his devout student debating God’s existence because I genuinely felt the screenwriters didn’t know any better.  I even shrugged off the tasteless ending where the film flips the ultimate bird towards non-believers. A year later, I’m…


Moms’ Night Out

By: Addison Wylie Moms’ Night Out is a tame movie.  It’s tamer than tame.  If movies were made from the fabric that makes those mattresses they drop bowling balls on to show you how soothing your sleeping habits will be, Moms’ Night Out would be the ideal prototype. The film isn’t worthy of being labeled “bad”.  That status goes to movies that try to achieve something, and flounder in spectacular ways.  Moms’ Night Out doesn’t…


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

By: Addison Wylie Eli Roth exploded onto the scene with Cabin Fever, a subversive backwoods horror that took a flesh-eating disease and made it as terrifying as any nightmarish creature.  It was a bizarre film with nasty visuals and a peculiar sense of humour, but everything about it was addictive. I haven’t seen Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.  I just haven’t got around to it.  Maybe some day, but director Ti West’s distain towards his…