Rob Zombie


The Munsters

I’m getting a kick out of the people who are trying to provide Rob Zombie professional criticism regarding The Munsters, and likewise for the writers and vloggers who want to take digs at it and make fun of it – it’s all very cute.  I don’t hold myself in higher regard to my peers, but I know a lark when I see one.  And, Rob Zombie’s family-friendly seasonal comedy The Munsters is a big, fat,…


Charles Manson: The Final Words

By: Jessica Goddard One of last year’s most eagerly-anticipated headlines – the death of Charles Manson – makes this documentary on the notoriously fascinating subject all the more topical.  Narrated by Rob Zombie, Charles Manson: The Final Words uses disturbing files from the original murder investigation, interviews with members of Manson’s cult, and exclusive audio from phone conversations with the aged Manson himself while he was still alive and serving his life sentence at California State…