Monsters Inc. 3D

By: Addison Wylie 2012 was Disney’s year to prove to audiences that 3D conversions aren’t all that bad. That said, the year started with the terribly converted Beauty and the Beast, but then moviegoers were treated to a flawless conversion of Disney/Pixar’s classic Finding Nemo. Now, we find ourselves at the theatre to witness the last of Disney’s 3D offerings of 2012 – a modest and highly enjoyable converted Monsters Inc. Monsters Inc. 3D and…


Finding Nemo 3D

By: Addison Wylie Finding 3Dmo, an alternate title that unfortunately isn’t sticking no matter how much I tweet it, is Disney’s latest post-conversion effort. Bouncing back from January’s underwhelming post-conversion work on Disney’s classic The Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo 3D is an excellent example as to why these post-conversions are not a waste of time or money. Like they did with The Lion King 3D, Disney can use this new technology to make…


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D

By: Addison Wylie¬† At first, it’s puzzling as to why filmmaker George Lucas feels the need to keep milking the intergalactic cash cow that is Star Wars. Billions of dollars have been made off of the success of the saga that follows the rise and fall of Darth Vader and his prospering son. One would say that George Lucas has been beating a dead horse for ages; reinventing the same films. However, after watching all…