Navin Rawaswaran

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Canadian Film Festival ’16: Chasing Valentine

There is no bigger proponent of Canadian cinema than myself.  If a film really captures me, I’ll go out of my way to champion it.  Low budget, undetectable indies sometimes need that extra push.  However, no matter if the film is big or small, if the end result is wildly inconsistent, I have to throw in the towel.  Case in point: Navin Ramaswaran’s shockingly inept Chasing Valentine.


Pete Winning and the Pirates: The Motion Picture

By: Addison Wylie UPDATE: This review was written for the film’s premiere in December 2015.  Pete Winning and the Pirates: The Motion Picture hits Amazon Prime and DVD on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. Pete Winning and the Pirates: The Motion Picture receives its Canadian premiere at Toronto’s The Royal Cinema on December 4th.  After that, I’m not too sure what the plans are for its open release.  I’m hoping it’ll be easy to seek out because, like lost…

Festival Coverage

Canadian Film Festival ’15: Late Night Double Feature

By: Addison Wylie An after hours horror show goes mad in the uneven Late Night Double Feature.  Before the mayhem ensues on the set of Dr, Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror, the audience is treated to a couple of spooky shorts intercut by commercials and previews. For the most part, the film is authentically structured like a craggy cable access show, which provides plenty of chuckles.  An ill-placed ad cashing in on the night’s horror theme…