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Wylie Writes’ Ten Worst Movies of 2014

By: Addison Wylie There’s an unspoken rule to being a film critic that states we’re not allowed to complain about our job.  We are offered free movies, we get to talk to fascinating people, and we get to offer our two cents to our own moviegoing communities.  But, I would like to think – every once in a while – we’re allowed to vent about how much mediocrity we take in on a yearly basis….

Festival Coverage

TIFF 2014: A Boring Exhibit

By: Addison Wylie Ok, everyone.  This way, please.  This tour is running behind, and we need to catch up. This next work we’ll be observing is Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery.  This work has been known to carelessly eat up time for those who endure it.  The entire canvas – for some reason – takes close to three hours to view.  And, even though we’re given too much time to comprehend this lacklustre endeavour, on-lookers will…