Movie Review


Happy Slapping

By: Addison Wylie Happy Slapping is a movie that slowly won me over.  It’s a film that’s difficult to get used to, but I’m glad I finally did. That said, I am torn.  Despite my surprised reaction, Christos Sourligas’ film is something I can’t outright endorse.  At least, not without a few warnings and reservations because of how it was conceived and how it ultimately looks on screen. You may have heard of Happy Slapping…


The Avengers

By: Addison Wylie After much anticipation, The Avengers, a big budget superhero collaboration project featuring a versatile and talented cast, has come to fruition. Marvel has been taking their time for a little over half a decade to build towards this grand display of the supernatural and superhuman and the company both in front and behind the camera have done a fantastic job doing so. Mind you, some credit goes to the minds who helped build…


American Reunion

By: Addison Wylie Time has not sunk this teen movie series but that all depends on how you look at this final (?) instalment of the theatrical American Pie films. Part of the fun of watching American Reunion is that the original cast have all returned to fulfill their original roles they played over a decade ago. Roles that helped establish this group of aspiring talented young actors. Having put up with mediocre to passable…



By: Addison Wylie I suppose I should start this review by stating that I have not seen the original Footloose. It’s a clichéd beginning to a review for the remake but I want to let readers know where I’m coming from. I know about the original’s obtuse popularity, I know the film helped Kevin Bacon project further into the acting world and I’m familiar with the story concerning an outsider trying to open the eyes…