Feels Good Man

“The death of the author” is a concept that has become more and more relevant with the advancement of the internet as a platform for artistic expression.  In a world where a piece frequently finds itself separated from its creator and spread far and wide without context, there is very little recourse to reconnect one’s name to their creation, let alone decide its direction.  Arthur Jones’ documentary Feels Good Man details an extreme example of…


Safety Not Guaranteed

By: Addison Wylie With his first feature film, director Colin Trevorrow (with the help of screenwriter Derek Connolly) has conjured up this gem that pokes fun at, while still embracing adolescence and growing up. It all starts with our lead female played by character actor Aubrey Plaza – who has always had a certain quality to her presence and to her line-reading that can be summed up in one word: pubescent. In Safety Not Guaranteed,…