3 Days to Kill

By: Addison Wylie 3 Days to Kill pairs action veteran Luc Besson with the imperious directing efforts of McG.  The two filmmakers have unmistaken love/hate relationships with movie goers, but it’s clear that these men have strengths in specific areas.  Besson has shown audiences how action can be exciting with jaw-dropping stunts, and McG knows how to capture an explosion.  The latter may sound underwhelming compared to Besson’s clout, but “flash” is McG’s forte. Their…


This Means War

By: Addison Wylie The following is an unofficial transcript of how I imagine Director McG addressed his cast and crew before a shoot day on the set of the dismally empty romantic comedy-slash-action flick, This Means War. ********** DATE: Undisclosed TIME: Undisclosed LOCATION: Undisclosed…..but very glitzy. McG: Alright, everybody! Can I get everyone gathered over here around me before we get this show on the road? Beautiful, great! Everyone is here. My trusty crew and…