Low Budget


CrowdFUNding: Forbidden Films’ ‘Headless’ Horror

By: Addison Wylie My most anticipated movie of 2014 is one I’ve already seen, but has yet to make a widespread appearance in theatres or on DVD/VOD.  I want to recommend this excellent indie as soon as it shows its bloody face. Found screened for horror hounds at last year’s Toronto After Dark.  It left the audience – particularly me – shaken and disturbed.  The low budget flick about a sibling who discovers his stoic,…


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

By: Addison Wylie Eli Roth exploded onto the scene with Cabin Fever, a subversive backwoods horror that took a flesh-eating disease and made it as terrifying as any nightmarish creature.  It was a bizarre film with nasty visuals and a peculiar sense of humour, but everything about it was addictive. I haven’t seen Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.  I just haven’t got around to it.  Maybe some day, but director Ti West’s distain towards his…