Judy Greer


Our Souls at Night

Our Souls at Night is what I would call an “easy recommendation”.  It has a satisfying modesty that makes the viewer feel nice.  It’s also a safe suggestion for fellow movie goers within the same social circles.  However, it isn’t a “necessary recommendation” because that would require the film to carry more weight than expected while also pleasing the audience.



By: Nick Ferwerda Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is a lonely man who is maybe a bit too honest.  He struggles to adapt to the modern-age of communication, which only irritates his lack of social awareness, but he’s truly shook up when his father passes away – the only family member Wilson had left in his life.


All We Had

It would be unprofessional to make guesses on what compelled Katie Holmes to make All We Had based on what we know from tabloid magazine headlines.  However, it’s hard not to assume when audiences observe the mother-daughter bonding of Holmes and breakout actress Stefania Owen.

Festival Coverage

Inside Out 2015: On the Pink Carpet with Paul Weitz

By: Shannon Page The 25th annual Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival began May 21 with a screening of Paul Weitz’s film Grandma starring Lily Tomlin, Judy Greer, and Laverne Cox.  The screening and opening gala kick off 11 days of film by and about members of the LGBT community. Grandma, which was featured at the closing gala of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is the obvious choice to open Inside Out.  Writer and director…

Festival Coverage

Inside Out 2015: ‘Grandma’

By: Shannon Page Paul Weitz’s Grandma manages to cover a lot of emotional territory in its short run-time without feeling rushed or over-reaching itself.  Lily Tomlin plays lesbian poet Elle Reid who is still mourning the recent death of her life-partner Violet when her teenage granddaughter, Sage (Julia Garner), arrives at her door pregnant.  Together, the two women embark on a day-long quest to find the money for Sage’s abortion. It has been twenty-seven years since…


Jeff, Who Lives at Home

By: Addison Wylie The latest indie from Jay and Mark Duplass is a film that is very much like it’s main character Jeff, played by Jason Segel. However, that’s not a compliment towards the filmmakers. But, on second thought, with his performance being able to hijack a film, Segel might take this as praise. He comfortably disappears within the character of Jeff and makes the new age stoner believable. However, Jeff’s mentality works well as…