Johnny Depp



Minamata was in the running for the inaugural Fan Favourite Oscar earlier this year.  The primary issue: nobody really knew what Minamata was.  It was a nominee that was championed by Johnny Depp’s loyal fanbase, and the dedication resulted in the mystery movie coming in third-place ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home and tick, tick…BOOM!.



Watching Mortdecai is painful in the same awkward way being an outcast at a shrill party can be.  Everyone is having so much fun with themselves that they forget to include you.  I can’t say that I was jealous from being left outside Mortdecai’s social circle though – I was too irritated to care.


Into the Woods

By: Addison Wylie Most of the complimentary things I can say about Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods stem from how inspired its original work is. The broadway musical of the same name (written by James Lapine with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) interweaves your favourite fairy tales into a story that sprawls over three magical nights.  The story then continues with a pragmatic epilogue which results in a topsy-turvy conclusion.  Lapine’s musical has a…



By: Addison Wylie In Dead Man, Johnny Depp plays William Blake, an accountant removed from society twice over.  The loss of his parents has his mind aimlessly wandering and a new job in the West has Blake feeling further alienated.  Then again, it would take a lot of adjusting to fit in with Machine’s homely, rugged community. After meeting a local woman and then meeting her beau, Blake is pitted and pinned to a murder…


The Lone Ranger

By: Addison Wylie About 75% of The Lone Ranger is immensely enjoyable and everything you’d want in a Summer blockbuster.  It’s just unfortunate that 25% of it doesn’t reach the heights that director Gore Verbinski hits preceding and after the saggy middle portion of his film. Let’s get the cons out of the way, because I’d much rather remember The Lone Ranger for its amiable feats. After some hard-hitting fights and likeable introductions to a…