Jamie Kastner


There Are No Fakes

Kevin Hearn, keyboardist for The Barenaked Ladies and an avid art collector, accidentally opened a can of worms by purchasing a painting by late indigenous artist Norval Morrisseau.  During an exhibit of Hearn’s curated pieces at the Art Gallery of Ontario, his Morrisseau was proven to be bogus.  This pivotal event (which also led to a lengthy court case) pulled a thread, unravelling conflicting opinions surrounding a remarkable mystery behind Morrisseau’s work.


The Skyjacker’s Tale

The Skyjacker’s Tale starts out well enough.  Director Jamie Kastner sets the scene with a reenactment of an in-flight hijack situation.  Ishmael Muslim, a convicted felon, orders the pilot to change the plane’s route and head to Cuba.  The claustrophobic filmmaking, the period detail, real testimonials, and the actors playing their designated roles make this first act particularly tense – the audience anticipates the rest of the documentary.