Force Majeure

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Wylie Writes’ Ten Worst Movies of 2014

By: Addison Wylie There’s an unspoken rule to being a film critic that states we’re not allowed to complain about our job.  We are offered free movies, we get to talk to fascinating people, and we get to offer our two cents to our own moviegoing communities.  But, I would like to think – every once in a while – we’re allowed to vent about how much mediocrity we take in on a yearly basis….


Force Majeure

By: Addison Wylie Force Majeure has a thought-provoking concept that shocks the audience and the characters involved.  Writer/director Ruben Östlund then proceeds to run his movie around in circles until its green in the face.  It’s a process he continues to repeat until that once interesting premise transforms into an exhausting, ineffective tale. The concept: the ideal family vacations to a picturesque resort.  It’s hinted the husband is business-oriented, so this time away from his job should be…