The family-savvy folks at Illumination continue to mine for cuteness by hitting easy targets with Migration, a road movie of sorts centred around a family of wide-eyed, adventure-seeking mallards on route to Jamaica.


About My Father

By: Danyal Somani In the semi-autobiographical comedy About My Father, co-writer/actor Sebastian Maniscalco portrays a fictionalized version of himself trying to win over his girlfriend’s family in hopes of proposing to her during a Fourth Of July trip.  However, when his traditional father Salvo (Robert De Niro) tags along, challenges arise (including class clashes, more eccentric family members, and some interesting pets) making Sebastian’s mission more difficult.


The Son

To say Florian Zeller’s The Son isn’t as successful as his 2020 Academy Award winner The Father would be an understatement.  While it’s a mediocre family drama, it doesn’t resonate nearly as much as its predecessor did because of how narratively basic and emotionally broad it is.