By: Addison Wylie Actor Jason Bateman narrates Pump as if he’s providing a voiceover for a car commercial.  This is fitting since a large chunk of the documentary feels like one extra-long commercial for alternative fuels and electric vehicles.  However, Joshua and Rebecca Harrell Tickell have conceived a lively, well intended film that I ended up being quite fond for. Many documentaries chronicling selfish behaviour behind big business (or, in this case, Big Oil) have…



By: Addison Wylie Revolution could very well be one of this year’s most important watches, but by the end of the documentary, you’ll be wondering what’s more of a threat: carbon dioxide poisoning in our atmosphere or filmmaker Rob Stewart’s constant need to be on camera.  I can’t ignore it.  No one can.  Stewart just loves to star in his own passion project. I hesitate to continue with this criticism about the director/producer/writer/cinematographer for fear…


Hot Docs 2013: The Ghosts in our Machine is Hauntingly Good

By: Addison Wylie According to The Ghosts in our Machine, it’s easier for photographer Jo-Anne McArthur to go unseen in factory farms than it is to be seen in major publications. McArthur has dedicated her life to capturing the life of unkempt animals through her lens to spread the word of inhumane treatment aimed towards animals to garner material goods.  Whether she’s tagging along with other passionate individuals or executing guerrilla missions as we saw…


Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

By: Addison Wylie My name is Addison and I speak for movies. And, I come bearing a review. For you, from me. It’s a film about nature and how to cherish it. It’s an important message in a film that’s in the pits. We follow a young boy. A young boy named Ted. Voiced by Zac Efron, should’ve been someone younger instead. Efron is energetic and charismatic to boot. But, he sounds too mature for…