Dylan Everett



By: Trevor Chartrand Based on a true story, Brotherhood is a harrowing tale of survival that recounts the tragedy beset upon a boy’s summer camp in Balsam Lake, Ontario in 1926.  On the night of July 20, thirteen boys and two camp counsellors set out to cross the lake in a canoe to gather food and supplies for the camp.  They encountered high winds that capsized the boat, leaving them floating in the cold water…


No Stranger Than Love

No Stranger Than Love is known around the Wylie household for its unofficial working title I’ve coined – the ‘Alison Brie Hole-in-the-Floor’ movie.  However, the only memorable aspects of Nick Wernham’s rom-com are those two details – the former Community actress and the bottomless pit that randomly sprouts in her living room and gobbles up a promiscuous co-worker (Colin Hanks).


The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story

By: Addison Wylie I don’t normally write reviews for TV movies, but when I do, it’s for The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.  A film that only exists to peak curiosities and indulge Bell actor Dustin Diamond. As someone who grew up watching Zack Morris and the gang attend Bayside High and ensue in melodramatic hijinx, it’s hard not to write this review from a fan’s point-of-view.  Jason Lapeyre’s biopic about Saved by the…