Debra Wilson


Moon Manor

Moon Manor didn’t quite work for me.  However, it finishes with poignant elegance while sending home a sobering message about stigmas behind certain health conditions.  In this case, how does an elderly man (James ‘Jimmy’ Carrozo playing a version of himself) with debilitating Alzheimer’s choose to live his life?  Moon Manor’s answer: throw yourself a FUN-eral and go out safely on your own terms.  Moon Manor follows Jimmy on his “last day”.



Bodied, TIFF’s people’s choice award winner on 2017’s Midnight Madness circuit, has been produced by self-proclaimed “rap god” Eminem.  Considering the film sinks itself into the world of rap battles and diss shakedowns, comparisons to Eminem’s 2002 8 Mile are inevitable and appropriate.  But 8 Mile is most certainly a product of its time.  The movie isn’t dated per se, but it represented an underground culture of individuals channeling their repression through rhythm and flow.  With…