Brendan Gleeson


Alone in Berlin

While I’m completely aware that Alone in Berlin is based on a true story, I’m afraid Vincent Perez’s big-screen adaptation is thin and tedious.  There’s not enough here for the director/co-writer to flesh out, and likewise for the talented leading cast (Brendan Gleeson, Emma Thompson, Daniel Brühl).


The Smurfs 2

By: Addison Wylie Hank Azaria – really is – a talented individual.  Out of all the projects that would’ve convinced me of this, I never thought a sequel to 2011’s big screen treatment of The Smurfs would bring on this revelation. We’ve all seen actors converse and interact with cartoons in real life environments in movies.  However, even the most physically capable slapstick performers have had their troubles convincing us these creations are real.  I immediately…