Arnold Schwarzenegger


Wonders of the Sea

NOTE: Wonders of the Sea is currently being screened in 3D across Canada, but this review reflects the 2D version of the film.  Wonders of the Sea has everything that you would get out of an uninterrupted computer screensaver of the ocean floor: opulent underwater visuals of fish and undefinable critters, and crossover transitions that meld everything together.  The screensaver is better, however, because it’s quiet.  Wonders of the Sea is informative, but there are too many…



By: Addison Wylie Henry Hobson has been given a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase Arnold Schwarzenegger’s never-before-seen tender side with Maggie.  I welcome my readers to send in examples of other low-key films the Terminator star has acted in, but I expect to receive no tips. The post-apocalyptic film also hands the filmmaker a chance to re-imagine zombie movies that star “the infected”.  Screenwriter John Scott 3 has crafted a story concerning the rights of the…