Aaron Ashmore


22 Chaser

With 22 Chaser, director Rafal Sokolowski gives Toronto a vibrancy and grit usually associated with big American cities.  This edgy vision efficiently (and stylistically) projects the aggressive nature between the film’s competitive characters, who are trying hard to earn their keep.


Wylie Writes @ The 2015 WIFT -T Showcase

By: Addison Wylie The 2015 WIFT-T Showcase is an enlightening selection of eight short films made by Canadian women.  The screening taking place at Toronto’s classy Royal Cinema makes for a splendid time out, and will surely restore faith in audiences trying to shake off early year moviegoing stupors. Out of the eight films, I’ve seen half.  And, if the films I watched reflect the rest of the submissions, the quality will be mostly consistent….


I Put a Hit on You

By: Addison Wylie I Put a Hit on You is a movie with a hangover.  It doesn’t want to bother getting out of bed.  When it eventually does, it shuffles its feet from one end of 78 minutes to the other.  It’s found love on the festival circuit, and that makes me confused. Harper (played by Sara Canning) likes to be in control.  When a proposal to her boyfriend Ray (played by Aaron Ashmore) goes…