March 2018


Hell’s Kitty

Hell’s Kitty, a film that has been assembled from a web series of the same name conceived by writer/director Nicholas Tana, makes for an amusing in-joke for horror hounds.  The cameos alone from iconic character actors are enough to make those fans beam.  For instance, The Hills Have Eyes’ Michael Berryman appears as a testy detective, while Heir’s Bill Oberst Jr. and The Shape of Water’s Doug Jones star as a devout duo who attempt to exorcize…



Juggernaut has an element it excels in – troubled characters gradually bringing their brooding funk to an explosive spill.  I’d like to believe writer/director Daniel DiMarco is aware of how his film works, but the filmmaker consistently sidesteps around this area of strength.  I don’t think DiMarco is clueless, but he’s making too much trouble for himself to seek out a challenge.



For friends Hakeem and A-Mac, fitting in has been a consistent problem.  The teenagers have been harshly judged by their peers, and their community hasn’t been welcoming either.  However, they find lucrative purpose with a side job – casing expensive vehicles at a local hand car wash they work at.  When Hakeem’s timidness becomes more of a social problem and stress from his mother (Oluniké Adeliyi) becomes more noticeable around the house, the boys decide to take control and attempt…