October 2015


People Hold On (plus a One-On-One with Director Michael Seater)

By: Addison Wylie Life With Derek’s Michael Seater gets his directorial feet wet with the ensemble dramedy People Hold On.  It’s a good place for the budding filmmaker to start.  The film itself is contained within few environments and doesn’t call for visual tricks, which leaves Seater a lot of time to draw characters and connect with his tight-knit cast.  The filmmaker must’ve also felt another level of comfort and confidence knowing co-star Paula Brancati – whom…

Festival Coverage

Toronto Youth Shorts’ T24 2015: Challenging Perfection

By: Addison Wylie Toronto Youth Shorts’ T24 challenges filmmakers to create, finish, and submit a short film to the festival’s committee within 24-hours.  Before heading out to plan their production, each team is given a page-long mission statement for the challenge documenting the themes that their works should fulfill. This year, festival director Henry Wong and his team were inspired by recent, humbling articles complimenting the GTA.  The Toronto Youth Shorts committee state the long and…


When Your Flesh Screams

By: Addison Wylie “Have you ever exceeded the limits of pain?”  Now, I have. When Your Flesh Screams is in need of more lighting, more rewrites, more experienced actors, and more time in an edit bay.  Most of all, Guillermo Martínez’s low-rent ode to exploitation-horror is in need of someone to show it the door. This is a film made by people who have seen raw works like Last House on the Left and are only interested in the…


Finders Keepers

By: Addison Wylie We’ve all seen some variation of “crazy” in supermarket tabloids and on afternoon television programming, but Finders Keepers looks past what some would define as “too wild to be true” and finds the humanity behind the headlines. That’s not to say the story this documentary follows isn’t wacky – it absolutely is.  In what could only be described as fate, John Wood and Shannon Whisnant were brought together after Whisnant found Wood’s…


Free the Nipple

By: Addison Wylie New Yorkers must’ve sensed something was up when the Big Apple was suddenly populated by topless female protesters.  Then, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, and Lena Dunham were throwing their support behind trending hashtag #FreeTheNipple.  Something was definitely up. Alas, it was all for Lina Esco’s movie Free the Nipple and the empowering mission supporting it.  Esco and various other activists seen in Free the Nipple feel very passionately about inequality…