Bob Saget: Zero to Sixty

Bob Saget is more candid than ever in his latest stand-up special Zero to Sixty, a change in tone when compared to his rowdy 2007 special That Ain’t Right.

As explained in my interview with the actor/comedian, Saget is always experimenting with joke deliveries while also committing to his style of tangent-talking and occasional lewdness.  In That Ain’t Right, Saget used blue humour to break down his clean-cut image that seasons of Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos established weekly.  Saget divided his audience with an avalanche of dirty jokes, but he ultimately succeeded in his approach while intriguing viewers for future specials.

With Zero to Sixty, Saget sticks with his format of stand-up and live acoustic music, but he tries his brand of naughty comedy in a warmer, more inviting atmosphere;  perhaps partly to be more accessible to those who are new and coming in cold from watching his family friendly return on Netflix’s crowd-pleasing hit Fuller House.

The change in delivery may be slight, but it makes a big difference. Zero to Sixty features Saget, a realized speaker when it comes to discussing current social insensitivities, reminding us of the importance of laughter and the appreciation of friends and family.  These slices of optimism didn’t strike me as obligatory;  the comments are instinctual as Saget interacts with his crowd using his classic use of playful callbacks and when he reminisces about his friend/personal inspiration Don Rickles.

The humour definitely goes in crude directions and Saget’s well-strummed songs will still shock you, but Zero to Sixty has been conceived with heart.  And, that heart goes a long way.


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