Tallulah is one of the latest films released by Netflix – it shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Sian Heder’s drama touches upon a specific genuineness that separates it from the rest of the streaming service’s feature films.


Special Correspondents

Ricky Gervais revels in button-pushing humour, and he’s proven to transcend those same gags by stripping away the glamourous sheen from the rich and famous.  In film and television, he’s used this gusto to make satirical jabs at faith and goodwill (The Invention of Lying) as well as fluff up ignorant egos (UK’s The Office).


My Beautiful Broken Brain

After a night of friends and leisure, Lotje Sodderland suffered an unrelated stroke;  resulting in her short-term memory and various reactionary impulses being wiped away.  She chronicles her progress on her iPhone, as well as her sadness, her epiphanies, and candid vlog entires.


A Very Murray Christmas

Bill Murray’s idolatry exists because – for the most part – he’s unaware of it.  His humbleness threads through his film roles and who he is outside of the cinema.  It’s why we don’t roll our eyes when he’s crooning up a storm or when we see a viral video of Bill crashing someone’s wedding.  He knows of his popularity, but he doesn’t bother to dissect it.


Smosh: The Movie

By: Addison Wylie Camp Takota and Bad Night are movies that unassumingly and depthlessly grant access to today’s YouTube-addled youth through celebrity appeal.  To my recollection, Smosh: The Movie is the first film to actually submerge itself in YouTube culture and say interesting things about how we perceive online content.  There are also jokes involving a microphone being shoved up a bum and a love interest nicknamed “Butt Massage Girl”.  Ass jokes and modern philosophy – the film is colonophical. As…



By: Addison Wylie Tig is refreshingly sensible.  Then again, I guess that’s what happens when skilled documentarians Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York chronicle the ups and downs of a naturally funny and practical comedian. Tig Notaro worked very hard to earn stand-up credibility.  Once her career found momentum, her dry wit opened the door for more opportunities.  On the set of Lake Bell’s indie sleeper In A World…, Notaro found herself in weak health.  Little did…