Movie Critic


Beauty and the Beast 3D

By: Addison Wylie Disney has seemingly hit an oil spring within the past year. As The Lion King’s anniversary was approaching, Disney released a print into theatres where long time fans and youngins new to the film could experience the now-classic tale in a different dimension. Sure, it’s gimmicky but it worked; not only for me but for the movie going public. The Lion King 3D made a boatload of cash. It’s two week engagement…


The Devil Inside

By: Addison Wylie The marketing department behind the campaign hyping the recent Horror movie The Devil Inside deserves a raise or at least a cold glass of beer (their choice, of course). I say this because they have managed to successfully pull the wool over our eyes and have convinced the paying public that The Devil Inside is a highly effective and consistently frightening flick. I’m one of the victims. When I first saw the…