Mahershala Ali


Green Book

There is a certain sort of film that defies classification.  The quick description is the sort of film that is not perfect by any stretch of the term, but which contains just a little something that manages to hit on a collective pathos in the audience.  Those films release a positive feeling into the audience that can actually be felt when one is in such an environment.  Green Book is just such a film: it…



Kicks is a stylistic look at the superficiality that makes a man.  It just takes a while for the audience to realize that.  Justin Tipping’s semi-autobiographical drama appears as a string of unused music videos, commercials, and MTV bumpers.  The imagery is powerful and at times disturbing, but the audience wonders if Kicks is merely all style and no substance.


Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones is inspired by real events that took place in Jones County, Mississippi following the United States’ civil war.  As expected, Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar, Dallas Buyers Club) is impressive as Newton Knight, a former army medic who lead an armed rebellion against the confederate army.  The film also features strong performances by Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a freedwoman named Rachel, and Mahershala Ali as a former slave named Moses who joins Knight’s movement.