Kristen Bell


Like Father

Having co-founded Hilarity for Charity with her husband, along with appearing in a handful of comedies (For a Good Time, Call…, Sausage Party), Lauren Miller Rogen flexes her filmmaking muscles in her directorial feature debut Like Father, Netflix’s latest dramedy.


A Bad Moms Christmas

By: Jessica Goddard A Bad Moms Christmas, the holiday sequel to last year’s Bad Moms from the same writer/director team (Jon Lucas, Scott Moore) is generally fun, when it’s not trying to force sentimentality.  It wouldn’t be accurate to say this movie takes itself seriously, but its insistence on crossing over into sappiness and raunchiness when it runs out of comedy is lazy and unfortunate.


The Boss

I liked The Boss.  The film isn’t particularly memorable and the comedy hits low targets when it has the ability to be more ambitious, but Ben Falcone’s movie had me in frequent fits of laughter nonetheless.

Movie Lists

Wylie Writes’ 2014 Mid-Year Report

By: Addison Wylie As much as I would like to believe that 2014 has proven to be a great year for movies so far, I can only instantly recall the films that have underwhelmed or flunked altogether. There’s been a steady flow of mediocrity, which isn’t exactly something to celebrate.  I suppose matters could be much worse, but those flatlining flicks have left me in a state of trapped befuddlement while I watched them.  These…


Veronica Mars

By: Addison Wylie As someone who has never set eyes on the cult television hit Veronica Mars and knows extremely little detail as to what took place on the show, the film puts me in an unusual spot for this detective’s feature film debut. Rob Thomas’ film is bound to please any fan who’s been begging for a Veronica Mars reunion, but the real test is how it stands as its own movie.  Can outsiders…



By: Addison Wylie Disney has shown again and again that they rise to the occasion with fairy tales.  Their fantasies featuring sparkling animation and lively characters always bring out the bliss in audiences and the bacon at the box office. Frozen is no different.  It’s charmed movie goers far and wide with its strong female personalities and fetching tunes.  Frozen also serves as being one of the only current family films that has stabilized sturdy…


The Lifeguard

By: Addison Wylie  The Lifeguard deals with the discouraging feeling of going nowhere and the urge to flee home for comfort.  It’s a circumstance that some of us may be all too familiar with; especially those who are fresh out of their post-secondary education.  Liz W. Garcia’s film, however, gets very little right about events that take place after the retreat to a personal turf. Garcia is able to capture that initial awkwardness that ensues…