Kornel Mundruczó


Pieces of a Woman

It’s impossible for me not to write about Pieces of a Woman from my own experience with child loss.  The movie is about a child’s death during delivery and her parents’ grieving process as they search for personal closure.  As a father who has lost three babies with my sublime wife through miscarriages, Pieces of a Woman really hits close to home.


White God

By: Addison Wylie Once finishing White God, one feels the need to exclaim in delight over the film’s overwhelming strengths.  That, or look up other opinions.  I did both. Reviews have been circulating ever since the film’s win at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival (White God won the Un Certain Regard Prize), but I didn’t dare look too far into other write-ups.  However, the film’s press notes state something very interesting: “Kornel Mundruczó’s newest film…