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Ricky Gervais revels in button-pushing humour, and he’s proven to transcend those same gags by stripping away the glamourous sheen from the rich and famous.  In film and television, he’s used this gusto to make satirical jabs at faith and goodwill (The Invention of Lying) as well as fluff up ignorant egos (UK’s The Office).

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Hot Docs 2016: ‘Credit for Murder’ and ‘Tickled’

Credit for Murder (DIR. Vladi Antonevicz) By: Shahbaz Khayambashi A video appears on YouTube which depicts the ritualistic slaughter of two men by masked individuals: one man is beheaded and the other is shot.  The video appears to come from Russia.  The Russian authorities say it is fake, until one man is identified after his father comes forward.  This is the beginning of an unusual and captivating story about Russian neo-Nazis, recounted by a Jewish filmmaker…



By: Addison Wylie If you haven’t heard of African journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, he’s doing a good job hiding his identity.  Few have seen him face-to-face, but this is because his safety and his flourishing career depends on staying incognito.  Even in Ryan Mullins’ documentary Chameleon, Anas’ face is either blurred out or obscured for good reason. Anas’ groundbreaking investigative journalism mixes elements of crime-fighting.  Using his ability to illustrate a story and set up…


A Fragile Trust

By: Addison Wylie Former New York Times journalist Jayson Blair has misstepped in his career which has cost him lifelong liability.  Blair was dragged through the coals when he was caught plagiarizing in 2003 with numerous works.  His infamous write-up knocked the credibility of the otherwise well-regarded news outlet he worked for, and spun the world of journalism out of control with readers growing increasingly sceptical of print media. Blair’s tumultuous whirlwind is frustrating, but…


The Ambassador

By: Addison Wylie It’s tricky to review The Ambassador, because no matter how many flaws I name, it’ll all seem like small potatoes for Danish journalist/filmmaker Mads Brügger. The doc follows Brügger as he pulls off an enormous and dangerous undercover endeavour – to pose as a Liberian diplomat in order to get his hands on blood diamonds from mines with illegal protocols. The documentary has an unbelievably risky premise and a compelling trailer, but…