Jan Bijvoet


In Darkness

By: Leah Kuperman In Darkness stars a blind protagonist who gets caught in the violent crimes of the London underground.  Writer/director Anthony Byrne (BBC’s Peaky Blinders) offers viewers a gripping film with ample twists and turns but most interesting, however, was the way his movie portrayed the life and disability of its protagonist.


Embrace of the Serpent

By the end of the month, faithful viewers of the Academy Awards will see if Ciro Guerra’s Embrace of the Serpent is able to beat out the other pictures competing for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year.  I can’t comment if Guerra’s film is better than the other contenders, but I think the Academy was very generous by nominating it in the first place.



By: Addison Wylie A film can tell you nothing for no good reason, having you frustrated until the final frame.  Sometimes, a movie can keep everything a secret and get away with it because of how intriguing it is.  Alex van Warmerdam’s haunting Borgman is a magnificent example of the latter. Borgman is a weird flick, but daring because of that.  The skillful filmmaker has set up his plan masterfully, and has the average movie…