Devil’s Workshop

Devil’s Workshop is, mostly, a two-hander.  An unhappy actor, Clayton (Timothy Granaderos of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why), is trying to gain insight for a role he’s aspiring for.  For knowledge, he shadows experienced demonologist Eliza (Radha Mitchell of the Silent Hill film franchise) for the weekend before the pivotal callback audition.  Turning the tables on Clayton to probe more about his life, Eliza is eager to perform a ritual on her guest to alleviate woes,…



Croc! (also known as Crocodile Vengeance) is the first full-length feature from writer/director Paul W. Franklin — and, sadly, some of that inexperience shows through.


House of Darkness

A night of flirting and drinking leads up to House of Darkness’ initial scene, featuring a coy couple exchanging smiles as Hap (Justin Long) anticipates more canoodling with Mina (Kate Bosworth) at her place.  She invites him in and, immediately, he can’t believe her house which resembles a castle-style mansion.  For some reason, he shrugs off the peculiar detail that it’s lit by several candlesticks and that Mina is dressed for a long-ago period, but…


Crimes of the Future

As much as I would love to compare David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future to his earlier horrors, I’m afraid I’m unqualified because I haven’t seen enough of that catalogue.  However, I can see a contrast between the Canadian’s long-awaited return to filmmaking and his other recent dramatic work such as A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and A Dangerous Method – all of which also star Viggo Mortensen.  Crimes of the Future, a gruesome…



By: Jeff Ching The movie title Infrared is pronounced (infa-red), to which I bet that most people not familiar with the camera setting would pronounce it (in-fraird);  or maybe it was just me?  Just getting that out of the way now, as this is a title that deserves respect and to be pronounced properly.



By: Jolie Featherstone Jordan Peele’s latest thriller Nope roars into theatres.  Nope is grand in every way: open landscapes, blockbuster performances, and big ideas.  Peele’s vision brings to life a number of ideas while keeping the story fully energized.


American Werewolves

In rural Michigan, dozens of individuals have reported sightings of a terrifying bipedal creature stalking forests and country roads at night.  Standing six-to-seven feet tall, with fearsome glowing eyes and a head resembling a canine, the Michigan werewolf (or “dogman”) is a well-documented urban legend.  Startlingly similar is the so-called “Beast of Bray Road” sighted in the neighbouring state of Wisconsin.  Like the Michigan dogman, the beast stands upright on two legs and has the…



After a long hiatus from making feature films, writer/director Ti West (The Sacrament, In a Valley of Violence) returns with a supremely entertaining horror flick titled X.