Jeanne du Barry

The narrative represented in Jeanne Du Barry is more of a historical timeline walkthrough.  There isn’t a plot-based backbone, and the film isn’t necessarily character driven either.  Instead, the audience is presented with important people from a specific era, their individual impacts, and the decadence that surrounded them.  That may not sound like much of a movie, but this biopic’s secret weapon is the filmmaker’s love for the subject matter.  If I want someone to…



By: Jessica Goddard Full disclosure: I am bad at watching war movies.  I watch war movies out of some (likely misdirected) sense of duty – if actual human beings lived these horrors, I should be able to stomach cinematic recreations of them, is my thinking.  But, I find it very hard to watch people die (which I’ve chosen to attribute to a smug overabundance of empathy) even if it’s only a performance.  For this reason,…