Happy Madison



Leo, an animated family film from Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison, hits Netflix at an ideal time: the holiday season is approaching, family time is becoming more frequent, and the weather is becoming chillier and chillier.  What better time to cozy up with a crowd-pleaser?



NBA talent scout Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler) is loyal to his beloved Philadelphia 76ers, and is reputation is respected throughout the industry.  However, he’s burning the candle at both ends and he’s growing more restless towards the required travelling that keeps him away from his family.  Management is rearranged, as well as Stanley’s brief raise, and the pressure is on to find the next big star.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

By: Addison Wylie Within the first five minutes of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Paul’s mother gets hit by a truck and dies.  She had it easy – she didn’t have to watch the movie. In 2009, I remember Paul Blart as an innocently amusing klutz.  Kevin James played a clumsy stereotype, but threw himself in the role of someone who hadn’t experienced the world outside his beloved shopping centre.  When his territory was threatened,…



By: Addison Wylie Adam Sandler has developed a foolproof plan.  It’s a movie formula that enables him and his friends to take luxurious vacations while making a movie in between excursions.  The baffling part is that even though these recent flicks get slammed by critics, they manage to make a lot of money.  I’m unclear as to if the film makes a profit, but it must be a good sign if Blended marks Sandler’s fifth…


Grown Ups 2

By: Addison Wylie Adam Sandler’s ego has become so large, it is now starting to swallow film. Case in point: Grown Ups 2, an unnecessary and excruciatingly unfunny experience where everyone bows to the shrine of Sandler with director Dennis Dugan barely steering the mayhem…again. I suppose the beginning is the best place to start.  It’ll at least ease my way back into the headache I was feeling by the end of this ordeal. Adam…


That’s My Boy

By: Addison Wylie It all starts with a star. In this case, a star with far too many strikes against him, Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler has proved last year that their not all going to be winners. Last year, we had Just Go With It, Zookeeper, Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, and his Razzie award winner Jack & Jill. All which received overwhelming negative buzz and left a bad taste in the comedy genre….