Mistress America

By: Shannon Page Starring Lola Kirke (Gone Girl) as first-year university student Tracy, and Greta Gerwig as her thirty-something future stepsister Brooke, Mistress America is ultimately about dreams;  it is about the things we want to accomplish as well as our goals and desires.  It is also about two women at very different places in their lives who inspire one another.  These characters aren’t always good people and their actions don’t always make them likable to…


The Humbling

By: Addison Wylie The Humbling is one greasy ham of a film.  It has no plan.  It has no skill.  It knows no volume.  When director Barry Levinson senses the audience is recognizing how little his film has to offer, he has his actors yell and ramble.  Not many movies get more annoying than The Humbling. I had found a redeeming quality in Levinson’s film, and I desperately hoped that detail would grow into the…