Ed Helms


Coffee & Kareem

Director Michael Dowse comes from an eclectic filmography, but he’s becoming the go-to guy for mainstream fare. He recently brought audiences Stuber, which was an efficient buddy comedy but aggressively ordinary. But, following up a bland movie with something so unfunny and foul will make you value mediocrity. That’s *exactly* what happens with Dowse’s Netflix Original Coffee & Kareem, one of the worst movies of the year.



By: Nick van Dinther A great ensemble cast requires actors to seamlessly fit together, while simultaneously bringing their own uniqueness to the story and to their character.  It’s a crucial key that Tag gets right, and it’s the main reason why this movie is so much fun.


The Hangover Part III

By: Addison Wylie  As the Hangover series comes to a close, it’s wild to look back on the three successful comedies and reflect on how a jaw-dropping sleeper hit eventually became a three-part franchise that has split audiences – especially the second installment which many called “too dark” and “a complete rip-off of the original”. As for myself, I’ve enjoyed where this series has gone and am one of the few who appreciates the The Hangover…


Jeff, Who Lives at Home

By: Addison Wylie The latest indie from Jay and Mark Duplass is a film that is very much like it’s main character Jeff, played by Jason Segel. However, that’s not a compliment towards the filmmakers. But, on second thought, with his performance being able to hijack a film, Segel might take this as praise. He comfortably disappears within the character of Jeff and makes the new age stoner believable. However, Jeff’s mentality works well as…