David O. Russell


Accidental Love

By: Addison Wylie David O. Russell hit the nail on the head by distancing himself from the farcical fumble Accidental Love. To say the film has had a tumultuous past would be putting it lightly – just as saying the movie is merely bad would be doing it a favour.  Production on the film (formally named Nailed) began in 2008, and suffered from financial woes and reshoots.  James Caan reportedly walked off the set over…


American Hustle

By: Addison Wylie American Hustle is like watching a group of distinguished hard boiled card players play poker when you’re only learning the ropes.  None of them will break their deadpan expression or expose their hand.  Suddenly, someone will make a game changing move and raise the stakes.  Someone to your left leans over and – with pure exuberance – tells you how important the move was.  Meanwhile, you nod with acknowledgment and when they’re…


Silver Linings Playbook

By: Addison Wylie What makes the romance and the chemistry click between Pat Solitano (played by Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany Maxwell (played by Jennifer Lawrence) in David O. Russell’s impressive Silver Linings Playbook is that both off-kilter characters understand the hardest part of a relationship – knowing how to push the others’ buttons. Maybe it’s because both New Jerseyans live with similar bipolar disorders and the two troublemakers can connect on a familiar level. But,…