David Alan Grier


Coffee & Kareem

Director Michael Dowse comes from an eclectic filmography, but he’s becoming the go-to guy for mainstream fare. He recently brought audiences Stuber, which was an efficient buddy comedy but aggressively ordinary. But, following up a bland movie with something so unfunny and foul will make you value mediocrity. That’s *exactly* what happens with Dowse’s Netflix Original Coffee & Kareem, one of the worst movies of the year.


Road Hard

By: Addison Wylie Adam Carolla plays curmudgeon comic Bruce Madsen in Road Hard, a semi-autobiographical sophomore effort co-directed and co-written by Carolla and frequent collaborator Kevin Hench. Maden feels like he’s in the shadow of everyone more successful than him.  This film would probably feel the same way about its presence next to Judd Apatow’s Funny People.  That said, I know a lot of people who quiver just thinking about Apatow’s expansive ode to comedians….



By: Addison Wylie It’s more than likely Peeples has a script that was generated from ideas thought by a living being and then written with human hands.  But, try convincing yourself of that as you watch Tina Gordon Chism’s comedy.  It’s impossible. The screenplay – written by Chism – is more of a systematic sitcom template structured like an edition of Mad Libs.  Audiences can see each set-up, misunderstanding, and the results the mishaps create…