Primal Rage

Primal Rage is a creature feature, but it’s light on what the film is selling.  For a special effects artist making his directorial debut, writer/director Patrick Magee often forgets about his film’s central beast.



By: Addison Wylie The only thing that could be more amazing than Godzilla’s timeless legacy is that Gareth Edwards was given the opportunity to direct a multi-million dollar modernized take on the creature.  Seriously, let’s all take a moment and realize how crazy and ambitious the producers had to be to invest so much trust into a filmmaker who doesn’t have a whole lot of feature film experience.  Those chancy attitudes have paid off big…


WIN a DVD of Jacob Vaughan’s ‘Bad Milo’

One of my favourite surprises of last year was finding out how Jacob Vaughan’s creature feature Bad Milo played with a packed crowd.  The scene was set at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre during one of Toronto After Dark’s pre-screenings to hype up the upcoming and highly popular genre showcase. The pre-screening audience award ended up going to Matt Johnson’s innovative indie The Dirties, but hanging in as a close runner up was Bad Milo.  It proved…


Europa Report

By: Addison Wylie Europa Report made my head throb from boredom and ache from excessive visual irritations.  But before all that negativity, Sebastián Cordero’s found footage sci-fi opened my mind with its art direction and effects. Europa Report’s most impressive strength is its ability to make the audience feel as if we’re in that same spaceship as the featured crew members heading to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.  Cordero has used subtleties to blend numerous…