Colin Mochrie


Drifting Snow

Written and directed by Ryan Noth (No Heart Feelings), Drifting Snow depicts a rural Ontario winter in all its frozen glory. But, tangled timelines and poor pacing hinder what could otherwise be a compelling drama.


Canadian Strain

Canadian Strain takes place during a recent and specific tipping point in our country – the legalization of cannabis.  Through the eyes of Torontonian drug dealer Anne Banting (Workin’ Moms’ Jess Salgueiro), movie goers observe how newly implemented policies (with various asterisks) can transform a society;  even if that change happens over the course of a brief time span.

Festival Coverage

Blood in the Snow 2015: ‘Night Cries’

By: Mark Barber Andrew Cymek’s Night Cries is the product of a variety of recycled ideas and premises from other movies.  Taking cues from The Matrix, Twelve Monkeys, Mad Max and dozens of other sci-fi/action films, Cymek’s film is too self-serious and rarely entertaining. Cymek (who also wrote, produced, and edited the film) plays Joseph, a man who searches for his wife in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by weird creatures and a gang of people…