Chris Pine


Hell or High Water

Top-notch performances from a talented cast form the back bone of director David Mackenzie’s contemporary take on the western heist genre, but Hell or High Water is more than a well-executed thriller.  It is a carefully crafted film that isn’t afraid to cast a bold light on modern issues.


Into the Woods

By: Addison Wylie Most of the complimentary things I can say about Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods stem from how inspired its original work is. The broadway musical of the same name (written by James Lapine with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) interweaves your favourite fairy tales into a story that sprawls over three magical nights.  The story then continues with a pragmatic epilogue which results in a topsy-turvy conclusion.  Lapine’s musical has a…


This Means War

By: Addison Wylie The following is an unofficial transcript of how I imagine Director McG addressed his cast and crew before a shoot day on the set of the dismally empty romantic comedy-slash-action flick, This Means War. ********** DATE: Undisclosed TIME: Undisclosed LOCATION: Undisclosed…..but very glitzy. McG: Alright, everybody! Can I get everyone gathered over here around me before we get this show on the road? Beautiful, great! Everyone is here. My trusty crew and…


People Like Us

By: Addison Wylie Back when we all had a little bit more patience, it felt that films like People Like Us took up over half the screens at local movie theatres; most notably in the 90’s. Come to think of it, here’s a perfect example. With all the film’s scenes featuring characters talking about favourable vintage music, People Like Us has a High Fidelity vibe going for it. That’s not to say Alex Kurtzman’s film…