Mountains May Depart

Mountains May Depart is the type of work that sets a high watermark for cinema.  It’s a film that portrays the cause and effect of our decisions, and how those results can carry through years – even decades – with growth and regret.  Jia Zhang-Ke’s film is reminiscent of the equally exceptional The Place Beyond the Pines, only Zhang-Ke is less interested in suspense and more focused on psychology.


Red Obsession

By: Addison Wylie It’s neat to watch a subject take on an evolution people didn’t see coming.  In Red Obsession’s case, that subject is wine – and it’s progression isn’t pleasing everybody. Documentary filmmakers David Roach and Warwick Ross capture a timeline that shows how wine went from something that was considered an art, to a product that is more of a business decision than anything. The price of wine keeps on climbing to a…