Cam Gigandet


In The Blood

By: Addison Wylie In The Blood is what it is. It’s straight-down-the-middle B-movie schlock.  In this case, it’s easier to accept because of how many stunts made me giddily wince while I watched it.  But, director John Stockwell shows audiences that action movies may not be his “thing”. Former American Gladiator-turned-actress Gina Carano plays Ava, a newly married gal trying to find the whereabouts of her missing husband Derek (played by Cam Gigandet).  While on…


Bad Johnson

By: Addison Wylie In Bad Johnson, heartthrob Cam Gigandet plays Rich, a womanizing jackass who finds himself in predicaments when pleasing his manly needs.  He cheats on girlfriends, checks out T&A, and forgets women he’s gone to bed with.  According to the film, some of this is charming – usually when Gigandet is smirking and trying to woo. Alas, Rich’s mojo becomes too much of a burden.  In frustration, he wishes away his penis.  The…