Kicking Blood

Kicking Blood is a really goofy vampire flick, and I’m not sure how much if it is intentional.  I was entertained nonetheless by Blaine Thurier’s film, even if it’s a bit of a buzzkill during the final third.



What begins as an attempt to record a widowed, middle-aged pilot’s efforts to find true love on the dating app Tinder quickly morphs into something much darker and chaotic in director Al Bailey’s documentary DTF.  As the pilot in question, an old friend of Bailey’s identified only by the pseudonym “Christian”, reveals increasingly outlandish and destructive behavior, the original premise of the film is abandoned in favour of an exploration of the toxic, hard-partying world…


Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy is a touching film that will break your heart.  Based on the memoirs of David and Nic Sheff, Beautiful Boy chronicles the inconsistent dynamic between a coping father (Steve Carell) and his distraught son (Timothée Chalamet).  The film leaps back-and-forth throughout their lives;  capturing spirited memories, personal bonds, and the rift they currently face caused by Nic’s serious drug addiction.


Win It All

Life can fluctuate, and I believe that’s the point Win It All is trying to make.  Then again, filmmaker Joe Swanberg may have just set out to make a straightforward character study, in which case that works too.



By: Addison Wylie Fat is light on a traditional plot.  However, what Mark Phinney’s directorial debut lacks in regularity is reimbursed by a meaningful portrayal of human behaviour.  I’m even hesitant to call Fat a character study since the focus is so widespread across its cast. Overcoming a death in his family and a difficult break-up, Ken turns to food for relief.  But, what started as a coping mechanism has taken over Ken’s life in the form of…

Festival Coverage

TIFF 2015: ‘I Smile Back’

By: Shannon Page Probably best known for her stand-up comedy and satirical roles, Sarah Silverman isn’t the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of serious dramatic actresses – but maybe she should be. Directed by Adam Salky (Dare), I Smile Back stars Silverman as Laney Brooks, a suburban housewife and mother of two.  In between packing lunches and driving the kids to school, Laney’s self-destructive behavior and out-of-control drug use begin to…


Web Junkie

By: Addison Wylie World of Warcraft and those who play the video game have become a punchline in pop culture.  Whether we’re overhearing teens and their strategies or watching the boys from South Park take digs at obsessive gamers, we’ve all been exposed to it one way or another. The youngsters dedicating their lifestyle to it, however, are the ones who are overexposed to the digital battles.  They get sucked in and refuse to give…