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TimeLock is a finicky flick that waffles an awful lot, much like its wishy-washy main character Mark (John C. Gilmour).  Fortunately, David Griffith’s micro budget thriller is easy to endear.



After watching younger filmmakers at work, viewers hope to walk away with a bit of pep in their step feeling hopeful about the future of movies.  I knew going into Hostile that the horror film was written/directed by teenager Nathan Ambrosioni, and I did leave feeling elated.  Not only that, but Hostile was also really good.



There are ultimately two extremes within the canon of horror cinema: those films which are focused on artistry and only use the set pieces of horror to create atmosphere, and those films which are focused on being scary without much artistic flair.  Christian Hallman’s Sensoria manages to bring these two extremes together by being neither artistic nor scary, resulting in something that just seems to exist for about an hour and twenty minutes.  I considered using…


Little Terrors

I remember watching Hany Abu-Assad’s terrorism drama Paradise Now, and feeling genuinely moved by it.  I was on edge and even heartbroken at times.  Even though I can’t recall the 2005 Oscar contender beat-for-beat, I can still recognize those emotions years later as if I saw the movie last week.